Responsive Sites

Responsive Websites
Powerful, feature rich websites that load properly on all devices and get businesses the results they need to succeed online.
Our Technology
Our websites are built using the most advanced state of the art technology
Features Highlight
Design Control
Use our website editor to edit the website simply by dragging images and widgets onto the page.
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Turn website visitors into paying customers with widgets like Click-to-Call, Maps features and Online Scheduling.
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Essential Integrations
Integrate your website with other web-based solutions like Open Table, Yelp Reviews, PayPal and more.
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Improve your website’s search engine ranking with our State of the Art cutting edge website platform.
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Communicate regularly with website visitors with a completely customizable blog. It’s accessible from anywhere on the website, and on all devices.
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We develop sites in over 55 languages. Your client’s can now reach more customers worldwide - and a more diverse local audience.
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Visitor Engagement
We create an ultra-personalized website that automatically changes according to triggers such as visitor proximity, number of visits, and time of day.
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Our platform is state of the art in every possible sense, stable, secure and designed for speed,convenience and reliability.
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Website Personalization
Websites that we develop have the same high-end personalization capabilities seen on websites such as
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Design Control
Our websites are built on a user friendly platform that allows our customers the ability to have control over their own text, images, videos and other website content - all from one easy to use drag and drop editor.
Website Personalization

We create an ultra-personalized website where the content will automatically change based on a visitor’s proximity to a business, how many times they’ve visited the site, time of day and much more.
Drag-and-Drop Editor

Our platform provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor that gives you the ability to make any changes to your website on the fly.
Edit By Device

Every element in our platform can be customized on a per device basis, giving you full control over the site.
Flexible Navigation Styles

We have various navigation styles for tablet and mobile for you to choose from.
Flat UI Design

A flat user interface is an increasingly popular design for websites and encourages customer conversion.
Our websites are packed with widgets that allow us to craft the perfect, custom tailored website for all businesses. Whether you have a restaurant that needs online menus or run a multi-location business and need prospects to find the right store, we have you covered.
Business Hours
Post the hours of operation of your business in a custom widget on your website.
Contact Form
Custom contact forms so prospects and customers can contact you securely from the website.
Custom HTML
Add custom HTML to the site - embed videos, embed advanced customizations.
Mobile visitors can simply click to email you directly from their smartphones.
Bullet Lists
Add bullet lists to your website on the fly with ease.
Yelp Reviews
Allow customers to review you and proudly post positive reviews on your website.
Allow customers to reserve seats at your restaurant with the OpenTable reservation widget.
PayPal Payments
Accept payments through PayPal with our PayPal widget.
Customers can conveniently tap to call on their smartphones with click to call buttons.
Place maps on your site so customers can conveniently find your location, show up and buy.
Place addresses and phone numbers of multiple locations so your customers find the right place.
Online Scheduling
Allow people to schedule for reservations, live events and more convenient online with our scheduler.
Online Coupons
Put coupons and other special offers right on your website to grow your business.
Restaurant Menus
Place up-to-date menus and specials right on your website with our menu widget.
Image Sliders
Post image galleries, image sliders and more on your website conveniently and easily.
Custom Icons
Add custom icons to your site to liven it up - all with the click of a button.
Essential Integrations
Our website technology can integrate with numerous platforms allowing for seamless connectivity and use of many of the hottest technologies of our times.
YouTube videos can be placed within our website or even used as backgrounds to bring websites to life!
Restaurant Menus
Customers can easily reserve seats or event spots with our OpenTable widget which directly integrates with our sites.
Facebook users can post comments, share things they like or give likes to items on our customer´s websites.
Displays your best reviews directly on a site to build a business’ credibility with potential customers.
Keep visitors up to date by displaying a live Twitter feed.
Google Maps
Put up maps so customers can conveniently find your location, show up and buy.
Google Analytics
Add Google Analytics to your site to track website statistics, in addition to our built-in statistics and analytics.
Add PayPal buttons to your site to sell products, collect donations and more.
Integrate news, blog or other feeds directly into the website
Drive traffic to your site with our Singleplatform integration allowing local customers to find you.
Get found on Google, Facebook and more with our seamless Locu integration.
Allow users to post comments and build a community through Disqus.
More Integrations
Google Sheets
Google Places
Constant Contact
Search Engine Optimized
Our websites are built from the ground up to be search engine optimized on the only platform preferred 
Mobile Friendly
Our platform optimizes images and text to comply with Google’s standards for mobile-friendliness
Automatically included, robots.txt informs search engines which pages should and should not be indexed by search engines.
Our state of the art platform automatically generates a site map for each site. This informs search engines what pages they should crawl.
Vary: user-agent
Vary: user-agent informs search engines that users will receive different content depending on their device type.
Page Titles
Control the title of each page for ultimate search engine visibility.
& Descriptions
Control the keywords and descriptions for every page on a site.
Custom page URL's
Customize the URL for each page of your site. This improves search engine visibility and informs the user what page they are on.
Alt Tags
Improves the ability for search engines to discover images found on your website through search.
301 Redirects
Redirect one URL to another. Extremely helpful in maintaining strong SEO when switching from an existing site to your new website.
Our websites contain a media rich, full featured blogging platform that empowers our clients to control their message online while boosting the search rankings of their sites.
Fully Responsive
Displays your client’s blog perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Accessible Site Wide
We can add a blog element anywhere on your website, so visitors can find it easily.
Entirely Customizable
Our sites are fully customizable and editable giving you the flexibility and freedom they deserve when editing.
Syndicated Content
ATOM and RSS feeds are automatically generated and updated for every new post on your website
Improves SEO
Content is king. You can use your blog to inform visitors and keep your website fresh with great content.
Multiple Authors
You can increase your blog’s scope by enabling multiple authors to contribute directly to your blog.
Would you like your site developed in more than one language? How about 55+? We develop websites in many different languages for clients near and far. 
Expand your reach
Your can now reach more customers worldwide - and a more diverse local audience – because our responsive websites are now available in multiple languages.
SEO Friendly
All businesses will boost their website SEO ranking with language-specific URLs designed for Geo-targeting.
55+ Languages
We develop sites in over 55 languages.
Fully Customizable
You can easily edit every page in every language, so nothing gets lost in translation
Under the Hood Access
With our platform you can access the code on every page if you like, to make adjustments per languages.
Visitor Engagement
Engaged visitors are visitors who stay, shop, buy, share and come back again to do it over and over - we know how to make that happen for you.
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Stay in touch with your site visitors even when they’re not on your site with Chrome Push Notifications.
Image Sliders
Image Slider
Give visitors a swipe-able image slider to view multiple images without taking up too much space on the site.
Photo Gallery
Include a photo gallery on any page. Provides a shadow box effect to focus the viewer on the image.
File Upload
Upload PDFs, spreadsheets and more to your site.
Social Icons
Links to your social media pages are neatly arranged and can be dropped anywhere on your website.
YouTube Video
Embed any YouTube video by dragging this widget into place.
Twitter Feed
Keep visitors up to date by displaying a live Twitter feed.
Facebook Comments
Allows visitors to comment on a linked Facebook page without 
leaving the site.
Facebook Album
Add a photo gallery of images from your Facebook business page.
Facebook Like
Enables visitors to like a business’ Facebook page without leaving the site.
Visitors can share your site on their social media networks simply by clicking on this icon.
WordPress Feed
Incorporate blog posts from WordPress directly on your site.
Disqus Comments
Engage with your audience. Easily allow site visitors to comment and give feedback on blog posts.
Website Personalization
Create a Tailored Experience for Every Customer

You know how Amazon shows related products and Facebook displays tailored ads? These personalized experiences make visitors more likely to buy. GUESS WHAT? We can help you drive more sales by creating the same kind of experiences on your website! We use a variety of triggers that change the content on your site to better meet your customers’ needs.
Device Type
Visitor Location
Campaign URL
Number of Visits
Examples of personalization in Action
TRIGGER: Visitor clicks on a unique link from a campaign URL

ACTION: Display a special sale popup that directly relates to the campaign

VALUE: Improve your campaign with a customized message

TRIGGER: Visitor arrives on Special Holiday

ACTION: Show notification bar enabling reservations

VALUE: Boost sales with easy online reservations
TRIGGER: Visitor arrives from a specific geolocation

ACTION: Show a map to your closest branch

VALUE: Guide visitors directly to your shop
Our platform is state of the art in every possible sense, it is safe, secure and uses industrial strength hosting from Amazon so your site never goes offline.
Our Website
Reliable Hosting

With the industry-leading Amazon Cloud

Custom Domain

Full control to customize a site’s domain name

Site Backups

Create site backups to store the site’s current version. 
You can then revert back to this version at any time

Global CDN

We host static files (images, PDFs, docs, etc..) on a Global Content Delivery Network. This reduces load times for any visitor.
RESS (Dynamic Serving)

Our websites respond to the type of device a visitor is viewing the site on.
Content is then optimized accordingly for desktop, tablet or mobile.
Fully Responsive Framework

 Our website platform is based on the 
and React framework.aph
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